Our Technology

SANIFOG US machines employing our proprietary Cloudburst Technology™ have adapted the familiar process called “thermonebulization” – utilizing thermodynamic energy in such a unique way that ultra-fine, microscopic droplets (in our case typically not exceeding 2.5 microns) that are not too small, but instead just the right size to float longer in the air, spread quickly throughout the space, yet still coalesce around harmful pathogens, and eventually land virtually dry (sometimes referred to as “dry-fog”) while the specialized liquid products it carries keep doing their sanitizing and disinfectant work.

In basic terms, these specially formulated liquids are vaporized in the SANIFOG US machine and form aerosols that condense when they come in contact with the outside air – which being at a lower temperature, creates a visible mist or fog.  Through this unique process of Cloudburst Technology™ our natural disinfectants, fungicides and more can be safely applied in an extraordinarily powerful way.

By testing directly against many of the devices most commonly used, and some of the biggest names in the industry for spraying, mist, electrostatic spray, dry or cold fogging of disinfectant products, SANIFOG US machines with Cloudburst Technology™ proved to be as much as 1,700 times more powerful than any similar devices being used today.  Put another way, a SANIFOG US machine can disinfect about 13,000 square feet (over 1,200 square meters) of a typical office space and everything in it – EVERY MINUTE!

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Our proprietary CitricFog™ formulation is a 100% natural and organic sanitization and disinfectant product that has been safely used for many years and has been scientifically proven to kill the COVID-19 causing virus; in addition to 99.99% of other common germs, bacteria, and pathogens. Perhaps just as importantly, without using chemicals, alcohol or toxins and doing so in a way that is also genuinely safe for people, pets, food, and our environment. 

Treating an area with environmentally safe, natural and highly effective disinfectants with the SANIFOG US system ensures you can quickly sanitize and disinfect the whole environment, including not just every part of every exposed surface – but also the air itself and the ventilation systems that circulate it.